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Maths Lesson Thursday 4th June



Warm Up - Super movers length and height dance with Mr Pumpernickel -


Main Lesson -  Following our quiz from yesterday, I would like you to find 1 thing that measure the same length as some of the sea animals from the quiz. You can use a measuring tape if you have one at home. If you don't have one at home you can print out the template below to make your own

As our book this week is The Snail and the Whale I would like you to use your division skills to work out how many sea creatures would measure the same as the Blue Whale.


Work out the word problem below -


1) The Blue Whale measures 27 metres. A dolphin measures 3 metres. How many dolphins would it take to measure the same as a Blue Whale?


2) Can you measure your height and round it to the nearest metre. Now work out how many of you would it take to measure the same as a blue whale?


Happy Measuring!smiley