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Maths Lesson Thursday 30th April

Recording and representing data continued...


Warm up-  Play the 'Whack a Mole' game. What is the highest number you can reach?



Main lesson - Today we are going to take a look at data recorded through a pictogram.


Q.What is a pictogram?

pictogram is a chart or graph which uses pictures to represent data. They are set out the same way as a bar chart but use pictures instead of bars. Each picture could represent one item or more than one.


Watch this video clip all about pictograms -


What I would like you to do now is make your own pictograms using the data you collected from your tally chart. If you would like to make a new tally chart you can.


To make your pictogram you will need to log on to your hwb account using your username and password.

Click on the link below to access hwb -


-Click onto the log in tab and put your details in. (If you do not have your child's hwb log in details please e-mail your child's class teacher)

-Scroll down and click onto the Just2easy app (j2e)

-Now click on the yellow Jit5 tab 

-At the top right hand side of the screen click on the red tab called pictogram


You are now ready to create your own pictogram. You can either use one of the pictogram templates or create your own pictogram by inserting your own pictures in the spaces along the x axis. Remember to add an item to a column click the + and to remove an item click -


Once you have created your pictogram make sure you save it by clicking the floppy disc symbol on the left hand side next to the green folder icon.


Please send your pictogram by email to your teacher please by pressing 'print screen' on your keyboard or take a screen shot if you are using a tablet and send the image to your teacher.


Here is an example of the pictogram Mrs Palios-Hoult made about dinosaurs 

Favourite Dinosaur pictogram

Once you have completed your pictogram I would like you to answer these questions about your data.


Q. Which .... is the most popular?

Q. Which .... is the least popular?

Q. How many people liked the (2nd image) and the (4th image) altogether?

Q. What is the difference between the most popular and the second most popular?

Q. How many people took part in the survey altogether? 


Have fun playing around with the j2e app smiley We look forward to seeing what pictograms you have come up with! You can make more than one pictogram if you would like to yes Enjoy!