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Maths Lesson Thursday 21st May

Stick Insect Symmetry


Warm Up - Play a game of 'Natures Multiplication'.

-You will have five minutes to collect as many natural resources as you can i.e. twigs, daisies, leaves, stones etc. Collect lots of each natural resource that you can find. 

-You now need to sort the materials into groups.

-Once you have done this you then need to sort the different resources into multiples of 3.

Q.How many multiples of 3 can you make with each resource? Are there any remaining? How many multiples of 4 and 5? Are there any remaining this time?

Main Lesson - I want you to make a symmetrical stick insect.


We've learnt a lot about symmetry recently, so you should remember that when something is symmetrical it means that it is exactly the same on both sides.


Before we begin to make out insects I would like you to think about what makes an insect an insect. You would have learnt lots about insects in year 1. Think about - how many legs do they have? how many body parts? do all insects have wings? You may want to look at photos on the internet to help you remember.


Follow these steps below to make your symmetrical stick insect -


1. Go out into your garden or an outdoor space and gather as many sticks as you can. 

2. Once you have collected your sticks sort them into size groups.

3. Begin to map out one half of your insect.

4. Once you have completed one side try making the other half of your insect exactly the same.


(If you can't find any sticks outside then feel free to improvise and use something from inside your house i.e. lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners, spaghetti etc.)yes


Extension- Once you have finished your insect and it looks symmetrical you can make it more complex by adding flowers or leaves for the different body parts i.e. if you are making a butterfly you may want to decorate its wings.


When you have finished take a selfie with your symmetrical stick insect and send it to your teacher yes We look forward to seeing your finished pictures smiley