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Maths Lesson Thursday 11th June

Fractions continued...


Warm Up - Click on the link below to practise finding fractions of numbers with the Daily 10!

Select level 3 - Fractions - 1/4


Main Lesson - So far this week we have learnt what a unit fraction and non-unit fraction is and have been able to find fractions of amounts and of shapes. 


Today we are going to look at equivalent fractions. 

Equivalent means the same as or equal to - Today we are going to look at 2 fractions which equal the same amount.


For example:

 1 half (1/2) is equivalent to 2 quarters (2/4)



Click on the link to watch the clip -


This concept can be quite tricky so don't worry if you are finding it a little hard, just try your best yes


Click on the worksheets below to complete the equivalent fractions. I have put 3 sheets for you but you are not expected to complete all 3 if you are finding this a little tricky.

Try your best with this activity yes I look forward to seeing how you get on laugh