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Maths Lesson Monday 8th June



Warm Up - Practise your multiplication with the 'Maths Fishing' game - click the link below and select one of the Y2 levels to play


Main Lesson - Today we are going to learn about fractions.


Find an object in your house that a grown u doesn't mind you cutting up. Food items are usually good like an apple or a slice of bread.


I want you to cut your item straight down the middle! 

You have cut a whole object into 2 halves! Each piece is called 1 half. 

These are what we call fractions!


Click on the link below and watch the video clip called 'What are fractions?'


What is a fraction?

A fraction tells you how many parts of a whole you have. Let's take a look at some different fractions.

When you divide something into two equal parts, each part is called a half.

When you divide a whole object into four equal parts, each part is called a quarter.


Click on the link below to play the 'Karate Cats' game - select fractions and bronze level


Now complete the sorting activity below on halves and quarters -


Have fun guys laugh and don't forget to e-mail your work to your class teacheryes