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Maths Lesson Monday 4th May



Warm Up -  Play 'Tell me about my number'. I have written a number below and I would like you to tell me as many facts about this number.


Helpful hints - Think about place value (tens and ones), multiples, rounding to the nearest 10 etc.


Your number is...



Main Lesson - Today we are going to look at estimating.


Q - What is estimating?

Q - Can you think of another word that means the same as estimating?


Look at the estimation powerpoint below -

Estimation game

Making an estimation isn't finding the exact answer but roughly finding the answer or judging a number or value by making a sensible guess.


For your activity today I would like you to estimate the amount of items of things you can find around your house. I will write a list of possible things for you to estimate but you can add your own or change them if you like.


In your books I would like you to draw a table like the one below

Items Estimation Actual amount
Story books    
Teddy Bears    


Fill in the table above by making an estimate of how many items you think there are just by looking.

Remember you are not counting them just yet.

Once you have written down your estimate you can count what the actual amount is.

How close was your estimate?


Have fun estimating laugh Remember to e-mail a copy of your work to your teachers yes