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Maths Lesson Monday 27th April

Recording and representing data


Good Morning everyone smiley We hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!


Warm Up - Practise the Times Table Mash up with the Supermovers!


Main session -


Today we are going to be learning about data. We have learnt about data previously, so let's start with a few questions to re-jog your memory.


What is data?

What do I mean if I said I was going to collect data?


(Discuss the answers to these questions with a grown up and then answer the questions in your books)


I want you to think back to last week during your topic and literacy lessons when you had to use a Venn Diagram. A Venn diagram uses two criteria to sort (the 2 circles) but can sometimes be in both (overlap of circles) 


Watch this video about venn diagrams -


Have a go at the venn diagrams in the link below


Draw each venn diagram into your maths book and record your answers. Remember the space in the middle needs to have both criteria.


For example if the criteria was -


Odd numbers and multiples of 5 

(Odd would go into 1 circle and multiples of 5 would go into the other)


The numbers in the middle section would need to have numbers that are both odd and a multiple of 5.


5 would be an odd number and a multiple of 5 so it would go into the middle section.

3 would be and odd number but not a multiple of 5.

10 would be a multiple of 5 but not an odd number.


Take your time with this activity as it can be very easy to make a mistake. Once you have finished make sure you check over your answers.


Good Luck everyone yes