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Maths Lesson Monday 27th April

Recording and representing data


Good Morning everyone smiley We hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!


Warm Up - Practise the Tens Times Table with the Supermovers!


Main session -


Today we are going to be learning about data. We have learnt about data previously, so let's start with a few questions to re-jog your memory.


What is data?

What do I mean if I said I was going to collect data?


(Discuss the answers to these questions with a grown up)


I want you to think back to last week during your topic and literacy lessons when you had to use a Venn Diagram. A Venn diagram uses two criteria to sort (the 2 circles) but can sometimes be in both (overlap of circles) 


Watch this video about venn diagrams -


Like in the video, choose 2 items you can find in your house and list their qualities then make a venn diagram in your books. I would like you to make 3 different venn diagrams.


Take your time with this activity and remember to check over your answers at the end.


Have fun yes