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Maths Lesson Monday 20th April

One and two step problems


What is a word problem?


A word problem is a few sentences describing a 'real-life' scenario where a problem needs to be solved by way of a mathematical calculation.


Word problems also help you to familiarise yourself with mathematical language (vocabulary like fewer, altogether, difference, more, share, multiply, subtract, equal, reduced, etc.).


In Year 2, children can continue to use apparatus to help them with problem-solving however are encouraged to work out the answers mentally and show their workings out on paper.

Here are some examples of word problems. See if you can find the answer and show your working out.


-Faye has 12 marbles. Her friend Louise has 9 marbles. How many marbles do they both have altogether?


-Three children are each given 5 teddy bears. How many teddy bears do they have altogether?


Two step word problems


two-step problem is a word problem that requires two operations to solve it, for example:

I buy a magazine costing 83p and a pencil costing 45p. I pay with a voucher that gives me 20p off the things I am buying. How much do I spend?

  • In this case, the first operation would be addition (83p + 45p = £1.28).
  • The second operation is subtraction (£1.28 - 20p = £1.08).







Look at the powerpoint below and work through the worded problems. Complete the worded problems on the final slide and record your workings out into your exercise book.

Remember to write the date and learning objective at the top of your page.




L.O. To use a range of strategies to solve worded problems.  


Good Luck!yes