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Maths Lesson Monday 11th May



Warm Up - Click on the link below to practise your 3 times table with the 'Daily 10' -

                  Click on level 3, multiplication and x3.


Main Lesson - Today we are going to learn about symmetry.


Q. What is symmetry?

Q. How can you tell if something is symmetrical?

Q. Can you give an example of something that is symmetrical?


Click on the link to watch the video clip below about symmetry -


On a piece of paper draw a picture of a heart heart

Now draw the line of symmetry through it.

Q.Can there be more than 1 line of symmetry in this shape? why?

Q.How many lines of symmetry does the heart have?


A heart only has 1 line of symmetry. Down the middle from top to bottom - The image below demonstrates this

The red line through the middle is the line of symmetry. The blue lines are not lines of symmetry. 

We call this Asymmetrical. This means that the shape is not symmetrical on both sides.


I would like you to go on a hunt around your house or garden for items which have a line of symmetry.

I want you to find at least 8 items, draw a picture of them in your books and draw the lines of symmetry.


Remember that some shapes will have more than one line of symmetry. Make sure you draw your pictures carefully and use a ruler to draw your line of symmetry.


Have fun guys smiley I look forward to seeing what you find on your hunt! 


Don't forget to e-mail your work to your class teacher once you have finished yes