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Maths Lesson Monday 11th May



Warm Up - Click on the link below for your 'Daily 10' challenge -

                  Click on level 2, multiplication, x 2,5,10


Main Lesson - Today we are going to learn about symmetry.


Tell an adult what you already know about symmetry. If you're not sure, that's OK because we are going to find out more from the video clip by clicking on the link below -


Symmetry means that a shape or image can be split into 2 equal parts which look exactly the same.


Find a piece of paper that is a square or cut out a shape of a square.

Can you fold the square in half so that both sides are exactly the same?

Once you've done this, see if you can find another way that you can fold it.

Fold it as many ways as you can but make sure that both sides are symmetrical.


Top tip -You can check this by using a mirror. place the mirror on the line you have just folded and if you look in the mirror and the shape is complete you have found the line of symmetry.


Once you have found all of the lines of symmetry use a pencil and a ruler to draw over each fold so that you can see the lines clearly.


Do this again with the following shapes -








Stick the shapes into your book and label them with how many lines of symmetry you have found (i.e. Pentagon = 5 lines of symmetry)


Have fun with this activity smiley and don't forget to e-mail you work to your class teacher once you have finished yes