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Maths Factor - Mrs. Begum

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Answer the following questions showing your working out. Read the questions carefully and think about what the question is asking you to do.


1. 420-143 =.      600-252=   753-264=

2. 90 children were invited to a party. Two thirds said yes. How many children are going to the party?

3. Sam had 87 lollies. He gave 37 lollies to his sister. His mum then gave him 32 more lollies. Haw many lollies does Sam have now?

4. Menu 

     Ice cream 75p

     Sandwich £1.34

     Pizza £1.10

     Chips 80p

 A) How many ice cream can you buy for £5.00

 B) What is the total for 1 ice cream

                                  2 sandwich 

                                  4 chips 

5. There are 240 sweets.  240 sweets were shared by 4 friends. How many sweets did each friend get?