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Our book of the week is Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. Link below to listen to the storysmiley



Maths focus for the week:


Counting in 2s to 10 and counting in 10s to 100.


Listen to the songs below and play the games to help you.


Counting in 2s:


  • How many eyes do you have?
  • How many arms do you have?
  • Hands, feet, legs, ears.
  • Choose some family members to stand up and show the palms of their hands.
  • Model counting their hands in 2s. 
  • Get into pairs and count in 2s.
  • Use whisper and shout approach; one TWO three FOUR etc.
  • Then change to silence instead of whisper.
  • Find objects, draw pictures of people or shells etc in twos and count in 2s.
  • Do you have any 2D shapes at home you could draw around in sets of 2 and then count them in 2s?
  • Can you count pairs of socks? Hang pairs of socks on a washing line or lay them out on the floor and count in 2s.


Counting in 10s:


Can you use paperclips in groups of 10, cubes, lego, pencils, toy cars etc and put them into groups of 10?


On a piece of paper draw circles in sets of 10, then count in 10s to 100.


Can you make an octopus like this, but instead of the octopus counting in 1s can you make his tentacles count in 2s? Can you make another sea creature that counts in 10s? 



You could create a snake that can count in 10s smiley



Can you design your own number line that counts up in 2s or 10s? See below. You can use coloured pencils or why not go outdoors and use chalk to draw one outside?



 Could you design your own hopscotch like the one below and jump on the numbers to count in 2s?




Games: Use this interactive number line to circle counting in 2s or counting in 10s.  - Can you paint the squares in 2s and in 10s?


Counting in 2s songs: - Counting in 2s Counting in 2s past 10 The Singing Walrus- counting in 2s - Counting in 2s


Counting in 10s songs: - Count in 10s in the ocean  - Count in 10s under the sea. - The Singing Walrus counts in 10 - Counting in 10s with the funny fish - Counting in 10s - Counting in 10s


We would like you to send us photographs of your work this week.


Victoria Park work -
Thompson Park work -


Good luck and have fun smiley