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Our Summer Topic

Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside-

Have a listen to the link above- I really enjoyed singing along to the song to introduce our new topic!



Book of the week- Tiddler The Storytelling Fish-  


Now onto your Maths work smiley


When you listened to the story you would have heard that Tiddler was up to things nearly every day of the week! He is a mischievous fish!




This week I would like you to draw a poster each day of the week.

In your poster include:

  • The current day of the week. You can write or copy the word for the current day of the week. If this is a little tricky write the initial sound eg M for Monday etc
  • Pictures of what you are doing that day
  • Colour if possible


Before you do your poster each day listen to this song. You can sing and dance with your family to practise the days of the week, you will remember the Singing Walrus!  


Daily questions to ask each other:


What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?

What day is it tomorrow?

What are we doing today? Examples could be- a picture of you going for a walk with your family, helping to tidy up, doing your school work, exercising with Joe Wicks etc

We all do different things each day so remember it is your poster and you can draw pictures of whatever you are doing that day.



At the end of the week, can you put your posters in order from Monday- Sunday?

I bet you can, use the song to help you. 


Lots of fun games to play here each day to practise the days of the week:  


We would like you to send us photographs of your posters each day to see what you are up to. 

If you complete the challenge send us a photograph of that too.


Victoria Park posters to -
Thompson Park posters to -


Good luck and have fun! smiley