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Mental Maths practice:

In school, we like to begin our sessions with short mental maths warm ups. Why not spend 10 minutes warming up your brain using some of the links below or spend an extended session practicing mental maths skills!


Topmarks - Daily 10


This is a great resource that the children LOVE!! at the start of each maths session.

It's very simple to navigate. You can choose a level using the purple tab (we usually stick to level 1 or 2), then choose an area in maths you'd like to practise with your child (addition, subtraction and doubles/halves are areas that we have been working on recently), and finally choosing which numbers to work within. Once you have set your challenge it is just a case of selecting a time for the children to answer each question. You are now ready to begin your mental maths warm up!




Topmarks - Mental Maths Train


This is a 4 operation mental maths game focussing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children choose the answers from multiple choice answers. Another great mental maths challenge to get the children warmed up!




Sumdog Maths


Your child will have been given their 'sumdog' username and password to log into this site. Sumdog Maths provides free access to six great games that support progress in essential maths skills. If you are experiencing problems with logging into your child's sumdog account please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to your child's teacher.



If you complete any work online then your teacher would love to see it! Please email your teacher at: (Mrs Palios-Hoult) (Mrs Palios-Bancroft) (Mrs Powell)


We will try to get back to you with some feedback ASAP!