Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


To find the work for this week, have a look at the Work Plan for this week. This will explain what to do each day. There are also some links for clips and games in this plan. It will tell you what PowerPoints and sheets you need for each day. These can then be found underneath the Work Plan on this page.


If you want to write on the sheets you need to download them first. Some of the sheets cannot be edited. You will have to write your answers either on paper or in your home learning book and send a a photo.

Friday is for Fun


As it is the last day before half term, I thought it might be nice to have a creative maths lesson. There is a choice. One of the jobs is to colour some symmetrical patterns. The other is a little project you might be able to do over half term (if you want to).

I've put some symmetrical photographs on the document. Some are natural objects, some are built by people and some are a mixture. The project is to take one or more symmetrical photographs (if someone will lend you a phone or tablet). It can be absolutely anything so long as it has symmetry. Have a look around your house or when you go out for a walk. If you get a good photo, email it to me and I will make a gallery of your work.

Most of all, have a lovely half term and do lots of nice things - but keep yourselves safe too.

Miss Fry