Primary School

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Monday to Thursday
To find the work for this week, have a look at the Work Plan for this week. This will explain what to do each day. There are also some links for clips and games in this plan. It will tell you what PowerPoints and sheets you need for each day. These can then be found underneath the Work Plan on this page.
Compass Games and Activities


Pirate Problems


Today you have some word problems to solve. There are 3 levels of challenge.

Everyone should start on the 'Sailor' level.

If 'Sailor' level seems too hard, stop and do the 'Cabin Boy' questions instead.

If 'Sailor' level is too easy, stop and do the 'Captain' questions instead.


You DO NOT need to print or write out the questions. Just do your working out and send a photo to your teacher. Please remember to tell us which level you chose to do.


All the sets of questions use the same skills. It is just the numbers that change to make the work easier or more challenging.

Don't forget to check your work before you send it - otherwise you might have to walk the plank!