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This week can all children please practise mental addition and subtraction in their heads. They should see how quick they can answer a question and try to improve their times. 


Also, please see below for more Maths work which can be sent to Mr Gray once completed.


Begum's beast:

Practise adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers. 


e.g. 32+54 876+48


Begum's Beasts

1. How many more books did James read than Lucy?

2.  Which two children read between 5 and 10 books?

3. Who read the most books?

4. Who read the least books?

5. What is the difference between the person who read the most books and the least?

6. How many books did they all read altogether? 


Fire Dragons

1.  What is the most common age group of footballers?

2. What is the least common age group of footballers?

3. How many more players are there in the most common age group of footballers compared to the least?

4. How many players are there altogether?

5.How many players are aged 31-35?

6. Are there more footballers aged 16-25 or more aged 31-40?

Top Banaynays 04.12.20

What was the lowest temperature recorded on the chart?

b) By how much did the temperature decrease in the first hour?

c) At what time did the temperature reach freezing point?

d) How far did the temperature drop between 4pm and 10pm?

e) Estimate the temperature at 7.30pm.

f) Estimate the time when the temperature was exactly -2°C.

g) For how long was the temperature below 0°C?

h) During which hour did the temperature fall by 2 degrees?