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This week you are going to listen to 'Barnaby Bear at the Seaside'. He goes on an adventure to the seaside, listen below to find out:


Maths focus this week: Partitioning using dienes blocks


Explain to your child that this week they are going to be partitioning numbers using different equipment to last week. To partition a number means to split it up to understand the value of each digit. Explain that they will be partitioning numbers into tens and units (ones).  Remind them of last week's activity of partitioning numbers using tens frames. Tens frames and dienes blocks are practical ways of partitioning.


This week you will be using dienes blocks.


You can use cubes as a replacement to dienes blocks or you can draw them. See below pictures for ideas. 


Begin with counting using cubes to 10, for example, create a tower using cubes and ask your child to count them, ensure they are counting each block individually. Then you can write a number to 10 for your child and ask them to show you that amount of cubes. Ensure they are confident with counting before moving onto partitioning into tens and ones. 




Give your child a set of cards from 10 -20.

Ask them to make the correct tens and ones using cubes or they can draw them for each card. Use larger numbers if your child feels confident.

Alternatively, you can create the dienes blocks, cubes/drawing and ask your child to tell you what the number is.




These are some fun games to support you with partitioning:


To count using dienes blocks


A fun game to play on the computer or Ipad using dienes blocks:


Another game to play to help with dienes blocks, watch out for the sharks!  


See below power point and worksheets to support you. Some worksheets show partitioning into tens and ones, others are partitioning into hundreds, tens and ones, HTO is not expected of our Reception children but there if your child is able to further their learning.


We understand that partitioning can be tricky, but just have a go and send your work to:


Victoria Park work -
Thompson Park work -


Good luck and have fun smiley