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Year 2 letter

Can you believe that we are coming to the end our the school year! It has gone so fast!

We would like you to reflect on the year a little bit this week.


First of all try and remember how you felt in year 2 just before it was time to go to KS2 and move into the junior building.

How did you feel, scared, worried. excited, happy?

Then try to remember how you felt before we went into lockdown? Was it scary anymore? Was it fun? Did you like the Learning Labs?

Now for today's job.


We would like you to write a short letter to year 2 explaining about year 3 and what it is like. Try to include the things you have already thought about.

Can you give them any advice?




Top 10 poster


Think of ten moments, memories, trips, activities or days that you have had in year 3.


Create a top ten poster of your time in year 3 and add some pictures and colours to go with it.



Acrostic Poem

Today we would like you to create your own acrostic poem. We have looked at them already during our time away from school, there is an example on the link to remind you of how they look.


You should make yours about year 3. 



Could you use any of these for your own poem? Or feel free to think of your own.

  • Year Three
  • Learning Labs
  • Digi Den
  • Sand and Water
  • Summer Holiday



Find your spellings from the link opposite and practice and learn the list by Friday. Ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings and email us to tell us what you had!

Super Sentences:

Use each of your spelling words to create a super sentence. A sentence for each word of your spellings. Try to use as many upgraded adjectives as possible to make your sentences really interesting!


Suddenly he heard an eerie ticking coming from the broken clock under the old staircase.