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Day Activity Links
Monday  The first job of the week is to read a small part of a story and answer the questions that follow. You might need some help to read the story but try to answer them on your own!

Ten things about someone in your family


For today you will need to ask some questions, listen carefully, and use the answers to complete your task.

1. choose someone in your family and ask them to tell you about the things that make them happy.

2. Now draw a picture of them.

3. Around the sides of the picture you should now write down the ten things that make them happy.

4. Could you turn it into a poem?



The one minute perfect day


Today you will need to do some more careful listening and writing. 

1. Choose someone in your family again. They have to describe their perfect day in exactly one minute with as much detail as they possibly can. You must listen and are not allowed to say anything.

2. If you like, you can tell them your perfect day, follow the same rules.

3. How did it feel to be listened to without interruption? How did it feel to listen to someone for that length of time?

4. Now write down all that you can remember about their perfect day. You can also write down your own!

5. As a challenge, could you turn it onto a small story?



Find your spellings from the link opposite and practice and learn the list by Friday. Ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings and email us to tell us what you had!

Super Sentences:

Use each of your spelling words to create a super sentence. A sentence for each word of your spellings. Try to use as many upgraded adjectives as possible to make your sentences really interesting!


Suddenly he heard an eerie ticking coming from the broken clock under the old staircase.

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