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Literacy resources Tuesday 28th April

Lets look at the main parts to your letter today which are the three paragraphs you are going to write to little bear. 


This is going to be a practice so don't worry if you make mistakes or if you feel you want to change parts or add more. 


Don't completely copy the sentences. Use them to inspire you and help you think of your own. 


Paragraph one


Introduce yourself and tell little bear why you are writing to him. 



Hello little Bear, my name is Ellie and I am writing to you because I read your story about being afraid of the dark. I had some ideas and wanted to share them with you to help you.


Paragraph two


Everyone is scared of something. Tell little bear something that you are scared of and why you are scared of it. What do you do to help your fear?



Firstly, I think everybody is scared of something. I'm scared of spiders! They run really fast and have really long legs. My mummy tells me that if I leave the spider alone then it wont hurt me and will soon scurry away back to its home. Do you like spiders?


Paragraph three


Give little bear some advice on how he can overcome his fear of the dark.




In the story you used lanterns to help light up your room. I think that you could try a colourful night light that projects lovely pictures onto your ceiling. They also play soft, calming music that might help you drift off to sleep. I have a night light and it always helps me sleep peacefully.


Have a go at writing three paragraphs. Start a new line for each new paragraph .This is just a first attempt so don't worry if you make mistakes or want to change parts. We call this writing your first draft. We will edit this on Wednesday.  


Have fun!smiley