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Literacy lesson Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 2!


Your literacy task today is...


Who's on your broom?


If you were a witch riding on a broom, who would you take with you? Where would you go? Who would help you? 


Who would you take?  (4 characters)

  • describe the characters
  • what do they look like?


Where would you go?

  • describe the setting
  • eg, an enchanted forest. The trees swayed from side to side in the breeze, we could her birds singing in the distance, the forest was huge and full of strange sounds.
  • a desert island. As we flew down towards the island... we could see... we could smell...
  • a jungle. As we approached the jungle all we could see was... 


Who would help you?

  • a dragon
  • a whale
  • a wizard
  • a fairy

How would they help you? What would they do?


Write in full sentences. Remember to include capital letters and full-stops. Use interesting vocabulary and include adjectives when describing the characters and places you visit.


Enjoy this activity and don't forget to include an amazing picture to accompany your writing!