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Literacy lesson Thursday 23rd April

Good morning!


Today we are going to create a witches potion!


Have a discussion with an adult or a sibling about what you think a potion is, who uses potions?, what stories you know that have potions in them?


To start you need to write a sentence telling me what your potion is for. Eg, A potion for turning the arms of children into mighty dragon wings, enabling them to fly!


Strat your potion by using lots of different sentence starters to make your potion interesting and exciting to read!


An example:


Firstly add... a cup of....

Then a sprinkle of...

Next add a dash of...

After that a sprinkle of ... to enhance the flavour

Don't forget to add a large dollop of ...



Cooking instructions

Heat the potion over flames for 12 hours. Stir your potion ever thirty minutes and don't forget to add three teaspoons of dragon slime before serving. Drink the potion slowly, enjoying every drop. Wait five minutes for the potion to work.


Helpful Vocabulary 


Slimy toads, bat wings, slime, gloop, beetle juice, pixie dust, cobwebs, chicken toe nails, cats eyes, maggots, owls feathers, shark tooth, handful of star dust etc.


There are images below to help.


Let your imaginations run wild! I cant wait to read your potions! You might want to draw a picture or actually create your potion using food colouring and water, glitter, pasta, rice etc.