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Literacy lesson Friday 24th April

Hot Seating!


Today you are going to choose a character from the story and you are going to pretend that you are them! This means you have to think like them and act like them. Get an adult or sibling to ask you questions and then change over so you also get to ask the questions.


For example:


If you were the dragon, I might ask you:

Why did you choose to eat the Witch and not any of the other creatures?

Where do you live?

Do you have a family? Do you live with them? Who is in your family?

Where is the scariest place you've flown?


Have a go at pretending to be all of the characters from the book. Remember to ask interesting questions. Questions are always far more interesting if they require some thinking and a lengthy answer, not a one word answer like yes/no. 


Have fun with this one guys! smiley


Good Morning!