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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

This term our topic will be about the sea

and the seaside.

Do you know this song?


There are some great stories about the seaside and the sea. This week’s book is called

Tiddler the story telling fish

Here is a link to the story


Below are some suggested literacy activities


  • Tiddler was always late for school. Have you ever been late for something? How did you feel? What did you do? Did you make up an excuse like Tiddler? Discuss this with someone in your family.
  • Can you think up some of your own really silly excuses for being late for school?
  • Imagine that you could go diving underwater. What might you see? What words could you use to describe things? Watch this video to get some ideas:                   
  • Play 'Chinese Whispers' and see how stories can sometimes change as they are passed from person to person.



  • The story of Tiddler rhymes. Can you find some of rhyming words in the story and write them down.

eg scales and tales, lid and did

  • How many of these words can you spell? 

jog  jump  jet  jug  van  vet  win  web  well fell

hat mat pan can cap crab flag black king 


  • Write some sentences about going to the beach or your favourite holiday (e.g. visiting family)
  • Find out about one of the sea creatures in the story and write a report about it. What does each creature eat? How does it move? How is it adapted to help it live underwater? You can use this website and someone older to help you.                                                  
  • In the story there were all kinds of interesting fish - a leopard fish and a leaf fish. Design and label your own fish. Use labels such as tail, fin, scales etc.
  • Tiddler liked to make up stories. Can you make up a story using one of these …….

I met a mermaid ……

I was swimming in the sea when ……….

I was late for school because ……..



Please send your work to the following emails.

We are excited to see your work.

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