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Week Beginning: 28th September 2020




Today we are going to begin learning our spelling words. They are posted on the 'homework' page of the website. Please find your groupings posted below. 


Task 1


Find and write the definition of each word and then write it in a full sentence. Remember your full stops and capital letters. 


Red group  

Yellow group










Lacey James










Ethan B





Ethan C



Lacey Williams




Next we will be looking at writing a newspaper report.


Task 1: Read the newspaper report and answer the questions in full sentences.


Task 2:  See if you can identify the features of a newspaper report in the example: headline, picture, caption, past tense, quotes, introductory paragraph, closing paragraph.



Today we will be planning a newspaper report on a volcano erupting in the school yard.


Watch the video below and use the template to help plan our newspaper report.

Volcano at Lansdowne Primary School!

Still image for this video

Week Beginning: 21st September 2020


We have been looking at different word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs). Last week we looked at describing animals by using dictionaries and thesauruses to create a word bank of fantastic vocabulary. We then wrote a descriptive paragraph using amazing adjectives and some similes.


This week we will look at describing a scene.



Read the paragraph below.  Copy and paste it into Word or copy it out on paper.  Highlight or underline the different types of words as follows:

Nouns - black (normal writing pencil)

Adjectives - red

Verbs - green

Adverbs - blue

Similes - Yellow


Once you have done that, draw a sketch of the scene.  Take a photograph and send it to your teacher.  Don't forget to attach the paragraph too!


Glittering beneath his feet, the snow crunched loudly with every step he took. The leafless trees stood still like soldiers awaiting a command around the frozen lake which shimmered beautifully in the late afternoon sun. Swirling clouds hung like baubles in the pale blue sky while birds lazily soared overhead. A blanket of glistening snow covered the jagged rocks that surrounded the lake and icicles hung from twisted branches like glass droplets. In the distance the snow-capped mountains loomed protectively over the scenery like a parent watching over a child.



Last week we created an interesting word bank about an animal. This week we are going to do it about a volcano. Print off the sheet below and create an interesting word bank around it. If you can not print it off, then you can do it as a word document or draw your own volcano in the middle. 


Use the same process as the animal word bank: Identify nouns, then adjectives which describe the noun, then verbs which the noun might do and finally adverbs. Use a thesaurus, a dictionary and look online to find really interesting words. 


Use colours from the key from yesterdays work. 


Learning objective: To create an interesting word bank about volcanoes.



Pupils are to write a descriptive paragraph about a volcano, using the words from their interesting word bank they created on Tuesday. Use your imagination to really try and set the scene of the volcano. What can be seen? What can be heard? What can be felt? You can use a thesaurus and dictionary.


LO: To write a descriptive paragraph about a volcano.


Success criteria:


  • Use nouns to identify features of the scene
  • Use exciting adjectives to describe the nouns
  • Use similes
  • Use Verbs
  • Use Adverbs





Today we are going to rewrite yesterdays descriptive paragraph about the volcano, using the checklist below and my feedback from the marking to help us improve.  There are also sentence starters and a word bank below to help us. 


Here is an example of a descriptive paragraph to help. 


In the distance you could see the magnificent volcano, laying peaceful like a sleeping baby. Suddenly, there was a deafening roar and the earth shook. The Volcano was violently erupting, oozing furious orange lava all over the helpless landscape. Clouds of ash angrily filled the sky, until it was a dark as night time.


Learning objective: To improve our descriptive writing paragraph. 

Here is Fridays literacy task