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Please do not forget to send in photo's/ videos of the role play scenario and any writing or mark making which your child has produced. You may write down the type of questions and sentences which your child used as I understand they can become camera shy. When you do this, if I could ask for you to scribe exactly what your child said to have an understanding of their use of language. Please send these to 


Literacy activity: 30.03.20


Objective: To act out a role play scene.

Lets play restaurants/cafe. 

**Beforehand, your child and a family member to create a menu. Include prices and create a name of your restaurant. Please ensure your child is having an input in this and please send them to me**


Things you need

Real or plastic cutlery and plates/bowls

Plastic food or alternatives if possible

Table and chairs

Pen and paper to take orders

Money- real or fake. The children should be exploring money and challenge them to count in pennies.


In your home set up a restaurant/cafe using either real cutlery, plates, cups and bowls or plastic. In your restaurant/café have at least one or more customer(s) and waiter/waitress.  You also need pen and paper to take orders.  Take it in turns to be different roles.  Show children how to set up the dinner table and encourage good manners.



I have put some examples of menus and order forms from Twinkl.

Vocabulary to use:


Good Afternoon

How can I help you today?

Would you like a drink?

Was everything ok?

Would you like anything else?

That will be ..(price)… please?


Good afternoon

Yes/no please/thank you

I would like...... and …...

It is delicious/yummy/scrumptious/ tasty.

I didn’t like …... because ….....

Can I see the dessert menu please?


Encourage your child to use manners and to copy the sentences that you use. Your child should be writing the orders either through drawing pictures, writing initial sounds or copying/overwriting the words. It is important for your child to role play through acting and speaking but it is the opportunity for children to develop their writing skills. At nursery level, children should be imitating act of writing within role play activities. I am also looking for children to speaking in sentences of 5 words or more and imitating real life experiences. 


Role play activities opens up for other skills to be developed, here are some that you can incorporate in your role play:

Counting items such as people, cutlery or food.

Ask for one more/less. e.g. Can I have one more fork please? 'There are to many potatoes on my plate, could I have less potatoes please?' 

Understanding basic concepts such as; in, on, big, little, wet, dry, hot and cold.


You may use a different role play situation if it's more suitable for your home such as a food shop or clothes shop, whichever is more suitable for you. 

Literacy activity 23.03.20

LO: To talk about my family’s favourite animal.

If you have small world animals, choose 6 and put them in a bag. Ask your child to chose an animal, with your child describe the animal. How many legs does it have? Does it have a tail? What pattern is on the animal? Where does it live? What does it eat? Is it a big animal? Can you find a smaller animal? Compare the sizes of the animal.

If you do not have any small world animals, use The Zoo Vet eBook and (this video has animal sounds and pictures for you to look at with your child.) to discuss animals.


Ask your child what their favourite animal is and they should answer using the sentence phrase ‘My favourite animal is a …….’ Or ‘I like……….’ Encourage your child to ask you what your favourite animal is and someone else in your home.  Ask your child 'Why?' they like that animal and encourage them to use 'because' to give their reasons.

e.g. I like giraffes because they have long necks. or My favourite animal is a tiger because it has stripes. 


With an input from  your child, draw a picture of their favourite animal and the adult to write ‘I like …….’ Encourage your child to think of the initial sound of the animal and attempt to write the letter independently through copying or the adult to write it in pen and your child to overwrite it.


Alternative to drawing an animal, you may record your child naming the animals and choosing which animal is their favourite and send to





We love reading! 


Early reading skills: Your child will be taking a book home today from our Nursery library. You may read this story to your child and discuss these key points and asking key questions:
What is happening in this picture?
Why do they feel like this?
What do you think is going to happen next?
Who is your favourite character? Why?
Relate the book to their personal experience

Allow the children to hold the book and explore it themselves, holding it correctly and 
turning pages.



Follow this link to access your child's Bug Club. On Bug Club you can access a wide range of books suitable for your child's reading level and phonic games. 

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