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Literacy 13.07.20


Similar to last wee, as it is the end of the year and the last week before summer, it would be lovely to read and hear some letters and messages from the children. With your child please create a letter by either writing a letter, drawing, video message, anything to myself and the Nursery support staff. Please talk about what they enjoyed about nursery, something that they miss and something they are looking forward to doing in the summer, this could be a trip, seeing a family member, staying in bed, playing games....anything. 


Please keep a look out for my video message on the Nursery page later on this week. 

Everyday activity: We love reading! 


Early reading skills: Your child will be taking a book home today from our Nursery library. You may read this story to your child and discuss these key points and asking key questions:
What is happening in this picture?
Why do they feel like this?
What do you think is going to happen next?
Who is your favourite character? Why?
Relate the book to their personal experience

Allow the children to hold the book and explore it themselves, holding it correctly and 
turning pages.



Follow this link to access your child's Bug Club. On Bug Club you can access a wide range of books suitable for your child's reading level and phonic games. 

School code: hkcj