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This week we will be taking a look at some poetry. There are many different kinds of poems and we will explore some through the week. Do all poems have to rhyme? Can poems be serious, funny or silly? Do you have a favourite poem?


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Today we are going to take a look at an acrostic poem. This is a poem that will spell a word out by using the first letter of each line. You can see a simple example down below, notice that the poem is about the word that has been spelt.


Cuddly kitten, purring away

Always chasing mice

Tiny paws ready to play

Sneaking around, he is so nice


This example rhymes, but acrostic poems dont always have to rhyme.

Click on the link opposite to learn a little bit more about acrostic poems.


Your job today is to write an acrostic poem about an animal. It can be any animal you like, try to be creative with your choice. An animal that lives in the jungle or dessert or under the sea? If you choose an animal with a short name like cat or dog, you should create 2 poems.


When you are done you need to decorate it with some pictures. Cant wait to see them!





Now that we have a better understanding of what an acrostic poem is we will write another version today.

We are so close to coming back to school, so today's acrostic poem needs to think about this.


You should choose one of these words to write about:   SCHOOL     LANSDOWNE     TEACHERS     CHILDREN      PLAYTIME       LEARNING    FRIENDS


Remember the rules from yesterday, the word that you choose should be spelt out as the first letter of each line. They do not have to rhyme but can if you like. They can be funny, silly or serious... its up to you. Add some nice pictures to go with the poem.


Take a look at the sheet below to see some school poem examples, attend the live session to complete the final word as a group.




Today we are going to look at a different kind of poem... its called a nonsense poem. You can have good fun with these ase you can be quite silly with them and make up 'nonsense' words!

There is an example for you to watch on the link opposite and there is one to read just below.


Oh no, its happened again... the wumpletrump

its flomped its way to the elephants trunk!

He let out a cry and then a caboodle

Only to find out it was just a pot noodle

Phew its gone, back to the moon

Never to be seen until the next voombadoom.


As you can see there are lots of silly, made up words used with real words. Just when you think you might understand, theres a silly word to make it nonsense again.


Your job today is to create your own nonsense poem, you can use made up words or just make it silly. Just like the acrostic poems... they do not need to rhyme.

Try to make your nonsense poem at least 6 lines long!


There is a sheet below that will give you some more nonsense examples. During the live session you will get a chance to make up some of your own nonsense words.




Quite often, when we think of poems they rhyme, these are called rhyming couplets. A rhyming couplet just means two words that rhyme together... heres some examples of rhyming couplets.


Fast - Last

Dog - Frog

Child - Mild

Funny - Tummy

Please - Sneeze


There are thousands of them!


Down below at the bottom of the page is an example of a very well known rhyming poem, take a look, what do you notice? Where are the rhyming words?

They are always at the end of the sentence, there will be 2 sentences that rhyme with the last word, then two more sentences that rhyme with a different word.


In todays live lesson we will try to write our own short rhyming poem.


Your job today is to write your own rhyming couplet poem. You should aim to write at least 8 lines, that would mean 4 rhyming couplets. Your poem can be about anything you like but choose a theme: School, family, animal, sport, etc.


There is a link on the right hand side that will take you to a rhyming dictionary, you just type in your word and it will show you words that may not need it but its a good help if you are stuck.


Rhyme Dictionary



Well done for all your hard work this week! Its almost time to relax over the weekend!


We are going to look at a poem today written by somebody else, its a lovely poem called The Voice, written by Shel Silverstein.

It is a rhyming couplet poem that gives you a very important message. Its about the little voice inside you, you should always trust that litte voice!


Read the poem very carefully a few times.

How does it make you feel?

Do you agree with it?

Do you hear your own little voice?

Has sometimes your voice been correct about somethiing?

Do you listen to your little voice?


Your job today is to record a performance of the poem, think about the questions that you have just been asked. When you record the poem try your best to express how you feel about it.


Send your videos or voice recordings to Mr Redding at