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Today we are working on the last piece of writing for the Eisteddfod. This is a new competition called Community Champion.

The plan is to think of something you could do to make your community better. It should be something you could do with other people (your family, your friends or even for anyone to join). It could be one special event or a new club that lasts for several weeks - or even goes on forever.

Your idea should make the community better in one or more ways. Some ideas are:

An eco-friendly project (animal-help or protecting the environment)

A friendship project

Helping people with little or no money

Supporting a charity that is important to you


In your live lesson today (11 o'clock) you can hear more about the project, get advice for your work and ask questions you have. There are some ideas and help on these sheets:

Thursday & Friday

World Book Day

I've made a Padlet Page for us to share our favourite books. Use the link or the QR code to open the Padlet Page and add details of a book your love. 

More instructions in the live lesson at 11 o'clock.