Primary School

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Literacy lessons will be live this week at 11am each day. It is important that everyone signs in for these lessons as you will need to hear the teaching to be able to do the work.



Today, you need to start writing your story. Don't go any further than these tasks.


1) Write about what your main character is doing at the start of the story

2) Write about what your character does or what happens to make them find the egg

3) Describe their reaction to the egg using these ideas:

       a) What do they see - what does the egg look like? Does it make a sound as well? What sort of sound?

       b) How do they feel when they see the egg?

       c) What they feel when they pick up the egg - with their hands or emotions?

       d) Anything else about the egg that you want to write.

STOP WRITING and send your work to your teacher.



You will finish writing your story today. We will start this in the lesson but you will need some more time to get it done. Tomorrow, we are going to be editing and improving our stories so it is important to get your writing finished.


Write about:

1) Describe how the egg hatches (2-3 sentences)

2) Describe the thing that comes out of the egg (2-3 sentences)

3) Write about what your characters do with the new creature

     - what magic happens

     - are there any problems

     - how do the characters behave

     - what do they do, see, feel, say

4) How does the adventure end?



Today's job is to check and edit your story. Do these steps:

1) read through your story and try to make sure you have put in all the full stops and capital letters.

2) read your story out loud to make sure it makes sense

3) read through your story one more time and see if you can add in any wow words, description or exciting words.

4) upload your story to Hwb.