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This week during our literacy sessions we will be exploring some of the animals that live in the Arctic Circle. There are some amazing animals for us to learn about and by te end of the week you job will be too create a non-chronologcal report about them.


Day Activity Links

Today we need to understand what a non chronological report is. At the bottom of the page you will find some examples, it is very important that you take a close look at them and see what you notice.

Next you will need to watch the short video that is opposite.

Your job today is to answer these questions.


What is needed to write a good non-chronological report?

What are the features are required? (Does it have any special language, Is it in any order, etc)

Can you remember any technical language to describe the features?

When writing a non-chronological report, what format should it take? (How should it look)




Now that we have a better idea of what a non-chronological report is we are going to get ready to write our own. The next few days will be over to you to carry out some research and write down what you find. To begin with we are going to look at polar bears.

At the bottom of this page you wil find a planning sheet, you only need to do the polar bear one today.

Look carefully at the sheet, it is split into sections. You have to write what you find into the correct section.

There are some links opposite to help you find what you need but feel free to do some of your own research.

This part is tricky... good luck!

Link 1


Link 2


Link 3

Wednesday Today you need to carry out some further research. Follow the same instructions as yesterday but today, focus on the arctic fox. There are some more links to help you.

Link 1


Link 2


Link 3


Link 4


This is your final day of research to carry out, but today it is slightly less focussed. Rather than looking at one animal, you need to look at the Arctic Circle in general.

There is a final research sheet at the bottomof the page for you to use.

You will find some links to help you opposite.


If you have finished your research you may want to start tomorrows job as it is quite a big piece of work to complete.

Link 1


Link 2


Link 3


So now that you have completed all of your research, it is time to show off what you have found. If we were in school we would usually take two lessons to do this job as its quite big.

You will need to look back at the examples that you saw on Monday, use these to help you create your own non-chronological report.

You should have 3 research sheets completed, your job is to present your findings in a report. You can choose your favourite 2 sheets and use them, but if you want a challenge you should use all 3 sheets.


You must

  • Be clear with your writing
  • Use sub headings
  • Have an introduction
  • Include pictures
  • Use present tense
  • Use paragraphs


We cant wait to see your hard work!