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This week during our literacy sessions we will be looking at letter writing. There are differnt kinds of letters and many different reasons for writing them. Through the week we will take a look at the main features of letters and you will get to write your own letter at the end of the week.


Day Activity Links

When writing a letter for any reason it is so important to make sure that we have accurate punctuation.

On the task sheet opposite there are some sentences that have mistakes in them.

Your job is to write out the sentences correctly, make sure you add in capital

letters, fullstops and question marks in the places where you think they shoud go.



Have a chat with an adult and think about these two questions.


1) What reasons would you need to write a letter?

2)Why do we still write letters if emails are faster?


On the powerpoint link it will talk you through some of the key features of a letter and what to include in a letter. Try to read through it carefully, there is lots of information to take in.


On the activitiy link you will find an old letter that has been broken down into chunks. The chunks wil have a box that needs to be labelled correctly, add the missing labels into the boxes, the labels are at the bottom of the page.





We have now had a look at how letters are set up and what needs to be included in them.


Depending on who will recieve the letter, will decide if they need to be formal or informal. This is very important. Use the powerpoint opposite to help you understand the difference between the two.


Your activity is to write a formal letter. On the activity link there is a letter for you to write out and change. Some of the parts of the letter are are in italics, its your job to choose the correct words and sentences to make the letter more formal. Remember, a formal letter should not be overly friendly or use any slang.





Now that we have looked at formal and informal letters briefly yesterday we will take another look today.


On the letter opposite you will find an example of an informal letter written to Mrs Kinsey. Your first job s to read through the letter and use the checklist to see if it has been set up correctly. In the checklist, you just need to write yes or no.

Your second part of the job is to read through the letter again, this time you need to highlight any parts that you think are informal.


Extension: If you would like an extra challenge today, you can rewrite the letter and make it formal. So all of the parts you have highlighted would need to be changed. Use the checklist to make sure it is set up correctly.






Its your turn today to write your own letter. It must be formal and you must try to include everything that is on the checklist.


On the poster link you will find a poster from Cardiff Council and some plans that they have for Victoria Park. Us teachers think its a very bad idea, I am sure you will agree.


Your job is to write a formal letter explaining why you dont agree with the plans of the council. Make sure you use the checklist to help you include the needed detail.





(if this link does not work, a copy is attached below)