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This week in  our literacy session we are going to be taking a look at instructions. What they look like, the types of things they can be used for and how to write our own.


Day Activity Links
Monday First of all have a think about what you already know about instructions. 

What are they?

Why do we need them? 

Can you think of a time you have followed instructions? 

Instructions can be used for so many things, recipes, games, step by step and loads more. Watch the video to learn a bit more.


You should notice some things that you have already learnt about in class, chronological order, time connectives, etc... but more on that later.


On the activity link you will find a set of instructions that are all jumbled up. Your job today is to write them out into the correct order, you can either use your home learning books to do this or write them up into a word document.


Remember to look carefully at the boxes, some of them will be headings and they will need to be written in chronological order!







Today's job is to have a reminder of time connectives and what they are used for.


Time connectives are words or phrases which are used to tell a reader WHEN something is happening. 
For example:
This morning, I ate toast for breakfast. After that I had a nice cup of tea.


There are lots of different time connectives that can be used... here are just some examples.

first, secondly, last, next, then, finally, eventually, this evening, last week, after a while, soon afterwards, meanwhile, later on.


Take a look at the activity by clicking the link. Although this job isn't a set of instructions to work with, its important that we remember to use time connectives.


Time to take a look at instructions a bit closer today. On the activity link there is a set of instructions but they are not complete.


Your job is to fill in the missing sections, some are at the top in the list things that you wil need. Some are further down in the method.


You can either complete this activity on the sheet and email it to your teacher or you can write it up into your home learning books and send a picture of it.

Could you change any of the time connectives to your own?


Extra challenge: Can you follow the instructions and make your own sandwich? Maybe an adult could help you. Send us a picture of your delicious sandwhich if you do!


Today you will need to follow some simple instructions. They are step by step instructions on how to draw a character. What you will find is, if you miss a step or do a step in the wrong order, it wont turn out correctly.


Our new book is 'Pugs of the Frozen North', the top link will show you how to draw a pug. Into your home learning book or some paper, follow the instructions to draw the Pug. You can colour them in any colour you like.


After that, there are 2 videos that wil show you T-Rex and a minion. You can either do one of them or both.


Take pictures of your work and send them to your teacher.







Your final job of the week is to now write out your own set of instructions, you will need to use everything you've done earlier in the week to help you.


You will need to write out a recipe of how to make a best friend, you can have some fun with this, it doesnt need to be too serious.

n the link there are some ideas of sentences and things you could include. You do not have to use these, they are just ideas, change them... make them your own!


Your instructions should include the following:

  • A title
  • A set of ingredients / things you will need
  • Simple steps to follow
  • Time connectives
  • A picture of the final product.


On the link there are lots of examples of instructions. This will help you set out your own work. As always, you can use your home learning books or do it online... whatever works best for you.


Ideas to help


Examples of instructions