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Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae 

Dive into the ocean for a noisy, rhyming animal adventure in this colourful book!

You will love looking at the colourful pictures and joining in with all the great sound words, as you discover all sorts of amazing sea creatures. There blue whales, sea turtles, jellyfish, dolphins and more!
Each page introduces a different animal, with a short read-aloud rhyme.


You can watch it here :


Below are some suggested activities:



  • A commotion is a lot of noise, a confusion or an excitement.   Can you talk about a time you were excited, or confused? Perhaps you could discuss a time when you went somewhere and there was a lot of noise e.g. the funfair or the circus.


  • How much do you know about the sea? Discuss these true or false statements. Can you correct the false ones?:

An octopus lives on land.

Seawater is salty.

A boat cannot float.

Sharks have no teeth.

You can eat fish.

Whales are small animals.

A penguin cannot fly.

A polar bear is red.


  • Would you rather …….

live underwater or in space? Why?

eat chips or ice cream? Why?

be very hot or very cold? Why?

ride on a boat or on a train? Why?

swim or fly? Why?

meet a shark or a polar bear? Why?


  • How many for these words can you spell independently?

gap got gas on got pot hat hen hid hog him ham rat rip rock run red rag thin think this that then three with


  • Sound out the word – match the picture.Use set 1 and 2.


  • CVC words- roll and read- This game uses a dice. Roll the dice. Read a word for numbers 1-6. See below


  • Snakes and ladders cvc word game – see below


  •  Can you find the rhyming words in the poems? See below


  • Remember alphablocks


Play this yes/ no yeti reading game


Continue to read from any of these 4 websites



What do we need to remember?


Finger spaces, sounds,

High Frequency Words,

capital letters for names,

full stops.


  • Write the list of animals in the book in alphabetical order

               dolphin  whale  penguin  polar bear crab turtle fish shark jellyfish

               octopus lobster


  • An octopus has eight arms!! What could you do if you had a eight arms?

eg If I had eight arms I could read a book, play tennis and drink a cup of tea.


  • Write a sentence about each of the under the sea pictures. See below


  • A commotion is a lot of noise, a confusion or an excitement.   Can you write some sentences about a time you were excited or confused? Perhaps you could write about a time when you went somewhere and the was a lot of noise e.g. the funfair or the circus.


  • Practice your handwriting? Do you remember cursive letters? Perhaps you could write out one of the poems in the book like these or you can copy out your favourite poem or nursery rhyme. 

Have fun and send us lots of lovely pictures.

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