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Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway


A little fish is brimming with energy and curiosity and so wriggly and giggly that his mum sends him out of their sea cave to swim until he is tired. She warns him, however, to beware of the Big Fish. Joyfully exploring the ocean depths with its variety of interesting creatures, Tiddler spots a large black opening and pops inside, thinking it's a cave like his own. It isn't. Trapped, he thrashes and jumps, upsetting the Big Fish's stomach severely and causing a giant burp, which propels him out and swiftly home, ready for a nap. 

Watch to the story here:



Below are some suggested activities:


  • Tiddler the fish was always fidgeting. He wriggled and squiggled. He darted and giggled. He was always busy. Look at the action words below and see if you can discuss the things you like/can do eg. I like to dance to music.
  • Alliteration – The fish in our story has the name Fidgety because he can’t be still. Both names begin with F – Fidgety fish. Can you think of some special names for your family? They must start with the same sounds eg Magic Mum, Silly sister, Naughty Nigel,
  • Tiddler went into a dark place. Are you afraid of the dark? Can you talk about something you are afraid of?
  • Questions -Are you good at asking questions? – Look at the picture of the seaside below and ask Where? Why? Who?


  • Watch some Alphablocks


  • There are games and animated stories here to help you read. You can click on the words to see what they say. The site will help you learn sounds as well.


  • Tiddler went into a dark place. Are you afraid of the dark? Can you write about something you are afraid of? Or you could write about a time when you were brave.
  • Verbs are action/doing words. Can you write some action sentences.

Eg. I like to dance to music. More examples below

Can you complete these alliteration sentences. See below


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