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Letter writing Week beginning 16.3.20

Pupils need to research, plan and draft a letter to a company of their choice that uses palm oil (the class will be writing to Domino's pizza) telling them of the negative effects this has on Orangutans.


Intro- Introduce why you are writing.


Paragraph 1- First point- what do you think will persuade the company to stop doing what they are doing? Give facts and evidence to back you point up. Look at the letter example below to help you with this. Remember, you want them to feel sorry for what they are doing to the Orangutans. 


Paragraph 2- Your second point. Same format as the first but remember to use a new point. 


Paragraph 3- You can use this paragraph for another point or you could use this paragraph to tell the reader about an alternative e.g. sustainable palm oil. 


Conclusion- Summarise your main points, expressing your hope that they will change their practices.


Remember to use rhetorical questions to make the reader to think about their choices and actions. 


Please keep updated for more details and don't hesitate to contact myself at or Mr. Hunter at