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Screen-Free Friday

There are no live lessons today and we don't expect you email work to us.


Try to complete at least 3 tasks from the table below and take photos of you doing them.


Physical Exercise

Literacy Activities

Maths Activities

Topic Activities

Wellbeing Activities

Practise some ball skills with a sibling or a parent. How many successful passes can you do in 2 minutes.

Use your map of a fantasy world from yesterday’s literacy lesson to write an adventure story.

Practise all of your times tables up to 12 x 12 and then ask a parent or sibling to test you on them.

Go on a nature walk to find the plants, animals and minibeasts that live in local habitats. Take photographs or record your findings in a graph

Write a list of things you are grateful for and then draw pictures to go with them

Take a brisk walk / jog or run around your local area.  Make sure that you are moving quickly enough to increase your heart rate.

Remember to take an adult with you.

Create your own animal hero character.  It could be any animal.  Draw the character and label it. Write an explanation of why your character is a hero and what challenges they have had to overcome.

Make and take photos of practical examples of fractions and label them. Eg cutting a sandwich into quarters, showing different numbers of different coloured lego bricks, using playdough to make pizzas or cakes with tomatoes or cherries on top

Collect natural materials to make a natural collage of an animal.  See the pictures below for some ideas.

Create a time capsule that includes information about you today. Which people are most important to you? What you are most grateful for? What are your favourite things? What goals do you have for the future

10,000 step challenge.  Use a smart watch or mobile phone to monitor your footsteps for the day.  Can you get more than 10,000?


Write 12 challenging column addition or subtraction questions and solve them.

Make a video to explain food chains and food webs to other children.  Try to use pictures to help explain.

Create a picture collage of things you enjoy doing with headings
































The Masked Reader

Check out todays video and enter the competition:






















































WC 22nd February - Eisteddfod Week

For literacy and topic time this week all of our activities will be competition entries for the Eisteddfod.


Maths lessons will still go ahead as normal. 


Live lessons:            10am – maths

                                    1pm – Eisteddfod tasks


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