Primary School

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General at home activities


This week (to also continue after this week) I would like the children to help and do jobs around the house, this could be: sorting the cutlery out in the cutlery drawer, sock matching, hoovering/help polishing, helping making dinner, baking, washing up, making their bed, gardening or washing the windows.  Please send me photos of what your child gets up to :) 



 Using materials from around your home such as cardboard boxes, inside toilet/kitchen rolls, egg boxes, empty cereal packets/boxes, empty packets, paper, wrapping paper tubes, plastic bottles, milk cartons, lids (could be used as eyes) and cups. Please do not worry if it can not be stuck together. If possible, they may colour it or paint their model. Please encourage your child to cut out pieces to practise and develop their cutting skills.


  • Jungle animal (related to our topic)
  • Robots
  • Cars/transport
  • Crocodile
  • Castle
  • Towers
  • Dragon

I can not wait to see your models and I will post them on Twitter for your children to see their friends' models. Twitter: MissSmith_LPS


Song of the week/Phonics (Literacy)


Challenge: The 3 sounds which children focus on to start are S, A, T . Before this activity, gather objects around your home which start with s, a, t. Hide them around your room/outside and ask your child to find something beginning with ‘s/a/t’. Recap this throughout the week.


You can: play I Spy using the same objects. Sort the toys out in to 3 different sounds. Encourage your child to write the letters either using coloured pens/pencils, chalk, paint, finger in shaving foam or glitter in a baking tray.

To make it easier, focus on just ‘s’ or ‘s’ and ‘a’


Physical: Please check out Mr Redding's Weekly Challenge, this week it is the toilet roll challenge. Have a go and send your videos to me and I will forward them on to Mr Redding.  Visit: 


Fine/Gross motor skills:  

Kids, it's time to wash your toys! Gather some toys (big, small, animals, cars, bikes, scooters, prams, clothes, small figures- anything!), a variety of cloths/scrubber/brush  and a bowl of warm soapy water (completed inside or outside). If possible, dirty the toys using grass, soil or sand for the children to be able to compare their dirty and clean toys. Have a range of big and small toys for the children to wash. It is really important to get your children working their finger muscles which will help with their writing skills and holding a pencil. 




23.03.20 Throughout this week I would like your child to play a game with a relative. This could be a board game, Hide and Seek, Tag or I Spy.

Week Commencing: 23.03.20

Please take photos/videos of your child completing these activities and send to 


How tall are your animals/toys/teddies?

You can use blocks/tins/cans/toilet rolls/boxes to measure how tall your toys are.

Afterwards, build a tower as tall as you can. Is it taller than you?

How many blocks, tins, cans, toilet rolls or boxes is it?

Extend: Can you write that number down? If I added one more, how many would I have used? What about one less?

Now try and measure how tall a family member is.


Fine motor:

Draw some zig zags/spirals/letters/numbers on paper or in book. Use loose parts such as rice, pasta, buttons, pom pom balls, stickers or anything which can place top. This can be reused again and again.

Extend this: use tweezers/pegs to pick up the items.


Physical/ Website of the Week: Subscribe to Joe Wicks, The Body Coach on You Tube and participate in his P.E with Joe Live at 9am every day. You can also watch these videos at a different time if this is more convenient.


Art: As you may have seen, many children and families have created rainbows to put in windows of their home to help spread some happiness and joy at this difficult time. With your child, create a rainbow to put in your window. This is a great opportunity to talk about colours and colours in your home. Here is the rainbow song in Welsh: 


The lovely Mrs Slattery has created a rainbow and has put it in her window. 


Song of the Week:  

If you're happy and you know it. Please sing this with your child and send to me. You can also change the words of the song e.g. If you're excited and you know it shout  hooray. If you're angry and you know it stomp your feet. If you're sleepy and you know it take a nap. Use actions with these words. 


Challenge: Learn the welsh version-