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General at home activities

Week Commencing: 06.07.20



Here are some activities for you to complete with your child. Please send photos to



Physical: Blow up a balloon. o Throw it into the air and challenge everyone to keep it from touching the floor. Introduce some rules for challenge, e.g. you can only touch the balloon once and then someone else must touch it next, you can only use hands/feet/one hand etc. Have teams and invent a scoring system. Introduce more balloons into the game!



Set up the construction equipment.  Explain the task clearly. They are to build a home for an animal of their choice. Discuss which animal this might be?  Talk about what its home looks like.  Give an incentive for your child to persevere and make something really special. E.g. take a photo and send to a grandparent or other favourite relation. 



Fine/Gross motor skills:  

Things you need: 

Small flat items which can be sorted by type, colour, shape etc. e.g. coins, counters, buttons, beads

Sorting container with several sections, e.g. egg box, muffin/cupcake tray, circles drawn on a piece of paper


Provide the objects to sort and the container to sort them into. o Look at the mixed-up buttons (or similar). Ask how we could sort them? o Ask your child to sort the objects according to their own rules. o This could be repeated for different criteria (e.g. shape, colour, pattern). o You might need to give a reason for the sorting – e.g. I want to sort these buttons so I can do some mending.



Websites of the week:

Story Time-On Wednesday at 6pm please watch me reading The Snail and the Whale on Facebook.



Song of the week:



Please continue to provide opportunities for your child to read to you using the websites below or accessing Active Learn, Bug Club with their personal log in details.


Recognising logos is a great pre-reading fun activity. With the whole family, have a go at recognising these logos.


Oxford Reading Tree website:

Oxford Reading Tree (a free account needs to be set up) and Big Cat Collins have given the public free access to all their reading books. It is important to get your children to begin looking at reading books. Unless I have said differently, your child should be looking at Lilac and Pink colour band books. Please read one of these books daily with your child. See if they can recognise what is happening in the pictures and Provide opportunities for them to look at the text in the Pink books.


Big Cat Collins: Use these log in details and then follow the link and click on Teacher Portal.

A fantastic website for reading books and Music Express.