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Friday 8th January

Warm up!


Warm your brain up with this activity...

Create your own recipe book!


Yesterday we looked at a range of different recipes.


The Roses had brownies, the Tulips had banana splits and the Sunflowers had lemonade.  You had to read through the instructions and put them back in the correct order.  Once you did this, you might have even made the recipe!  I bet they were yummy!


Today you are going to use the recipe from yesterday to create your own recipe book.


Using the recipe you ordered yesterday, you are going to use Book Creator to present that recipe in a book.  The instructions for Book Creator are below:


1. To login in to Book Creator, follow the link below.

2. Click 'Sign in'

3. Then click 'Teacher sign in' and 'Sign in with email'

4. Enter email:

5. Enter password: Ivy2020

6. Click + New Book and start creating.


If you need a little bit of help using Book Creator, please watch this video to show you some tips and tricks on how to make your book amazing!


I have created an example book to show you what a good one looks like!


For you to be successful you will need the following:

1. A cover page telling the reader what your recipe is for and your name.

2. A new page for each instruction.

3. Pictures for each page (these can be real pictures or drawn using the 'pen' tool)

4. Your voice recorded on each page.


Good luck!