Primary School

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Friday 8th January

Suggested activities for Friday 8th January



We do not expect you to do them all!


30 mins of reading time

  • Can you have a go at the reading challenge? Choose a few today and over the weekend! Send in a photo of you reading!

    Build a den and look at a book in it!

    Tell your teddy what you just read. What  you enjoyed and why?


    Read a book on Bug Club!

    Draw a picture from your favourite book!

    Can you find  these words in a book :

    and  I  the a  in  no   go

    Read a book that makes you laugh.

    Read a story with animals in. 

    Share a book over Facetime or Zoom with someone you can’t see at the moment!

    Can you copy some simple sentences from  a book? Hold your pencil correctly!


30 mins of physical exercise- it’s good for your brain and your whole body to start the day with some exercise!

  • Do some gentle stretches as a warm up.
  • Dance along with the Kidz Bop Kids
  • Now make up your own dance routine! Can you teach it to someone?
  • Can you do the actions and sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes.’ Can you do it quickly? How about slowly? What other songs do you know?


Maths activities 

  • What numbers can you write? Which ones are you finding tricky? Can you write them on the line? Maybe you can paint some or make them with playdough!
  • Count how many fruit and vegetables you have eaten today. Have you eaten more or less than your family?
  • Ask an adult to print off this treasure map- read and follow the directions to find the treasure!
  • Play this great comparing game
  • If you were great at doing 1 more, now try 1 less than 7? 11? 9? 3? 1?  If you try really hard, you could even find out 2 more and 2 less!


Literacy activities

  • Can you write your name? Could you write it even neater today? What other names could you write, mum, dad, brother, sister, cat or even your teddy?
  • Yesterday you were writing the letter ‘b’. Today why not practise ‘d’ Lots of children get these confused!


Creative activities

  • Celebrate what you have done and learnt this week! Ask someone what they have learnt or done well and say well done to them.
  • Help an adult with some jobs around the house. It’s fun to help out!
  • Healthy food is so good for us and so is water. Can you think why water is so important? Draw/talk about/write when you’ve used water today. For example in the shower, brushing teeth.
  • Draw a healthy meal or snack! What colours are they? Could you say some of the colours in Welsh? Perhaps you could ask an adult if you could make it one day!
  • Play the Sesame Street games