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Thursday 7th January

Suggested activities for Thursday 7th January



We do not expect you to do them all


30 mins of reading time

  • Use Bug Club and read with an adult 
  • Watch 'Charlie and Lola- I will not ever never eat a tomato'

  • Can you find a book with food in it? Share a picture of you reading it.




30 mins of physical exercise

  • Spell your name workout- find the letters of your name and complete the workout!
a   jump up and down 10 times n 10 toe touches
b  spin around in a circle 5 times o  walk backwards 15 times
c  hop on one foot 5 times p  walk sideways 12 times
d  run to the nearest door and back again q  crawl like a crab
e  walk like a bear r  dance like a monkey
f   flap your arms like a bird 10 times s  shake your hips from side to side
g  do 10 star jumos t  walk on your tip toes
h  hop like a frog 8 times u  jump forward as far as you can
i  balance on your left foot and count to 10 v flap your arms like a bird
j  balance on your right foot and count to 10 w  pretend to ride a horse
k  march like a soldier and count to 12 x  reach for the stars 5 times
l  kneel down and jump up high 3 times y  walk on your knees and count to 10
m  do a somersault z  10 arm circles


Maths activities 
  • Count and match worksheet- Count the objects and draw a line to the correct number.
  • Play this underwater counting game

  • Listen to this 3D shape song to help you remember the names.

     Can you find something in your house that is a cube, cuboid, sphere and a cone? Send us a photo of what you find!

  • Play in Bud's number garden


Literacy activities
  • We are going to have a look at some of the phonics we learned before Christmas. Can you practise writing the letter 'b'?

Can you find items in your home that begin with 'b'? Take pictures of the things you find. If you want to, you can try to write the name of the object that you found.

  • Here are some other challenges for you to try:

Creative activities
  • Using food that you can find in the kitchen, create a picture like a face. You could make a flower, lorry or even a dinosaur!



  • Emotions- How are you feeling today? What is making you feel like that? You could write a sentence, draw a picture or send a little video.
  • Draw a picture of your favourite meal and label the different foods.