Primary School

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Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to complete your fact file.


You need to add some pictures. What types of picture do you think would make your fact file exciting and interesting to look at? Tell a grown up and discuss together for a few minutes.


I'm hoping you've said pictures of a Humpback whale jumping out of the water, swimming in the ocean, their tails poking up out of the water, what they eat, a group of them swimming together. 


You can either draw these pictures on your fact file or if you have access to a computer and a printer you can print them off and stick them in. You decide where you want to put them. Be creative. 


Remember to put a caption underneath them to explain what the picture is. 




The tail of a Humpback Whale

I am looking to see no more than 4 pictures. Make sure they fit onto your fact file.


Today is also a chance for you to finish of any bits of your fact file that need it. Give it all of those final touches that will make it look amazing! Add colour to it, check your spellings and punctuation (capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, and full stops.) add another sentence to your fact file if you think you could improve it and if you have space to do so.


Cant wait to see these guys!