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Friday 5th February

It's Feel Good Friday and the end of Mental Health Week- what will make you and your family happy today?

Live phonics lesson- Victoria Park only

Check your child's HWB account for times. Group 1- 10am Group 2 10.30am


Suggested activities for Friday 5th February:


30 mins of physical exercise

  • If a vegetable could move on it's own, how do you think it would move? Can you have a go at being a veggie! Roll like a sprout, be strong like a spinach, fly like Supertato! Make up your own, the sillier the better!
  • Join in with a Joe Wicks work out!


30 mins of reading time

  • How many tricky words can you think of? Write them really big on pieces of paper. Put them all over the floor, then jump on a tricky word and shout it out!
  • What words do you notice around your house/on your walk today? Can you read them? What is the initial (start) sound and end sound? I wonder if you can find our sounds from this week x and y.
  • Have a go at a reading comprehension:



Literacy activities

  • Pretend play – use your imagination to pretend to be someone or something else! Will you be a superhero like Supertato? Or jump in a 'rocket' and blast off to the moon! Perhaps you'd like to like to set up a tea party with your teddies? Send your teacher a photo of you having fun!
  • Have a go at the initial letter phonics sheet.
  • Try writing some CVC words or the slightly trickier CCVC words. Remember to form your letters correctly and neatly!

Maths activities   

  • Have you made your Supertato using a potato yet? Now, use bricks or blocks to make Supertato a house! Think about how tall it would need to be to fit Supertato in. What if the Evil Pea came in - would you need more or fewer blocks?
  • Odd one out -  can you work out the odd one out? An important part of Maths is explaining your thinking. Can you explain why it is the odd one out? Why don't you have a go at making your own odd one out?
  • Listen carefully to the musical sequence and see if you can copy the sequence

Creative activities

Try one of creative activities below or choose your own from this fantastic website

  • Draw an evil villain or make one! What materials will you use? 
  • Make a healthy smoothie using at least one vegetable - celery is a good one!