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Friday 29th January

Live Team lesson today for 

Thompson Park (Miss Watson) only at 3pm


It's Feel Good Friday!

Suggested activities for Friday 29th January

Choose 1 or 2 from each subject.


30 mins of reading time


30 mins of physical exercise



Maths activities

  • Can you remember how to add using blocks and a part whole model like last week? What special maths words will you use to explain what you know? One part, one part, whole, add, total.
  • Have fun sorting, ordering or counting in this brilliant game
  • Have a go at this tally chart:
  • What prepositions can you remember, have a go at the quiz:



Literacy activities

  • Treat Day- Mrs Morgan is super healthy in the week. When it's the weekend, as a reward, Mrs Morgan buys a yummy cake or two from the bakery! What do you have as your treat? smiley
  • Have fun reading CVC words in this great game Now write the words you see. Challenge- I bet you can't write one or two of them into a sentence, can you?!
  • Listen and join in with the CVC word song

  • Practise your tricky words with the sheet below.

  • Hansel and Gretel Wordsearch- have you had a go at a wordsearch before?

Creative activities

  • Reception love singing Welsh songs! Listen and join in:


*Turn off all screens and make a den or try to be kind and helpful today!*

Make a den!