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Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to make up your own colour poem. You have complete freedom to write your best poem of the week! 


You choose the colour and let your imagination run wild. Pay attention to vocabulary. I am looking for interesting and exciting vocabulary. Think about how you describe whatever it is you are talking about. 

If you manage to get the second and forth lines to rhyme that would be wonderful but it might be tricky so don't worry if you cant.


Mind map your colour ideas first.




If you choose gold


Gold is the sun shining brightly

Gold is the kings magnificent crown

Gold are the crisp autumn leaves

Gold is the treasure washed up on the shore



If you choose brown


Brown is the mud squelching under my feet 

Brown is the bear sleeping in his cave

Brown are the girls long plaits

Brown is the delicious chocolate I crave


Add some lovely pictures to your poems!


Please feel free to write more than one colour poem if you want to.


I'm really excited to read these!smiley