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Friday 15th January

Live lessons will be happening today:

Thompson Park 1.30pm Story time with Miss Watson

Victoria Park 2.30pm Story time with Mrs Morgan

Check your child's Hwb email address. Sign in a few minutes before in case there are any issues logging on.


Here's how to join:

1) Use your Hwb email to sign in

2) Click on Office 365

3) Go to 'Teams' (the little icon of people which is on the left of your screen)

4) Find and click on the 'Victoria Park/ Thompson Park'.

5) Click on the 'Join Meeting' button (top right)

 You will then be in a page called the 'Lobby'. Your teacher will know you are waiting and will let you in for the lesson.



Suggested activities for Friday 15th January


We do not expect you to do them all



30 mins of reading time

  • Use Bug Club and read with an adult.
  • Reading challenge! How many books can you read today? Can you find these words in them: the, a, to, no
  • On your daily walk, see what words you can see? What is the initial (first) letter and what is the end letter? Could you have a go to blend the sounds to read them? 
  • Listen to Oliver's Vegetables again, can you answer the questions?



30 mins of physical exercise


  • Can you do the actions to 'Head Shoulder Knees and Toes' in WELSH!
  • Draw a hopscotch outside using chalks! I bet your numbers are getting really good! Send us a photo to put in the gallery so all your friends can see!
  • Balancing- can you balance on 1 foot? Can you balance on 2 hands and 1 foot? 1 hand and 1 foot? How else can you balance?




Maths activities 


  • Have a go at adding in this fun game! or add using building blocks in your house.
  • Sing the Zero Superhero song What does zero mean? Explain to your teddies! A big part of maths is explaining or reasoning.
  • Try the activity I Spy Number 4 - look at how many ways there are of representing 4! 
  • Now look at how Mrs Morgan has represented 3 (look at Mrs Morgan's " I can make 3" work below) Could you have a try and do the same for number 5?


Literacy activities


  • What was our favourite part/page of the story? Explain why. Can you draw your favourite part and label it. It is so lovely to see how much you've improved with your drawings!
  • Think of things that start with the letter 'j' Can you think of any before the Alphablocks? Have a go writing jam, job, Jim, jet, jug, jog. 
  • Reading Comprehension- read each sentence and draw what is missing.
  • Sing along to the Jolly Phonics Songs- do you know the actions still? What letters are the trickiest to write- why not practise!


Creative activities


Feel Good Friday!!

  • How are you feeling this week? Explain how you're feeling to an adult, then ask how they're feeling. Can you do anything to help? Maybe tidying away your toys or just listening would help.
  • What have you been proud of in your learning this week? Ask your parents to help you share it online with family/friends who you're not able to see at the moment. Perhaps over Teams? FaceTime etc

Have you been on a tube train? What was it like? How is a normal train different? They have a phrase – mind the gap. Do you know why? Mrs Morgan used to go a tube train every day for work! It was a very noisy and hot tube train!!  

Can you make the sound of a tube train on the tracks using instruments, your body or your voice? Can you make the tube train sound like it’s coming closer? Moving away? How about slowing down and speeding up? 

  • What new fruit and vegetables have you tried this week? I hope you've been brave and tried lots!! Maybe you're allowed a treat as it is nearly the weekend! We can;t be healthy all the time!