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Friday 12th November



Practice the days of the week with your child. 

Days of week Train Sing along song

Days of the Week Sing-along Song - YouTube

Days of the Week Songs - CBeebies - BBC


Click below and practice reciting numbers

            forwards to 20              backwards from 20          counting in 10s


Activity - Grab your set of the days of the week from yesterday and ask an adult to write another set of the days of the week on separate pieces of paper.  Now place both sets on a table face down so that you cannot see the days - how many pairs can you find?


You will need: Felt pens, large paper.

Learning Objective: To Identify features of Autumn 


“Lets start with a song” 

What do you know about autumn?” 

Listen to your Child's thinking about Autumn and start to create a mind map writing down their thoughts. Explain to them that a mind map is a way of organising our thoughts and showing people what we know about something. (see below) Just see what they come up with on their own first then give them some clues & questions to aid their thinking eg; what sort of clothes do we wear in the Autumn? If you do the writing and let your child join in with doing pictures/ lines or copying some of your letters.


"Now let's watch a video to see if there is anything we forgot.I need you to do really good looking, and thinking so we can remember" Watch the video through once together then watch it again pausing at different parts and discuss/ explain what is happening and why. Then return to the mind map and see what your child can add to it. Again, it needs to be what your child comes up with, not what you know. It's really interesting to see their brains working and how they think.


Don't forget to email us a picture of your mind maps .




Practice these fun finger exercises to develop your fine motor skills and strengthen your fingers for future writing activities. Fun Finger Gym 


Click on the link to sing along to Jolly Phonics - 

Click on the link BBC schools radio  – Can you guess the inside sounds?


Log in to your child's bug club and read some of your favourite stories. (log in details are on the cover of the Home Reading Diary) 


Practice 's' 'a' 't' 'p' 'i' 'n' - Can your children repeat the sound when you say it to them?  Can they recognise the sound when you show them the letter? Can your child write these sounds? 

Practice this with your child.  They can use pens, pencils, chalks, felt pens.  You could use sand, flour, rice or shaving foam and ask your child to trace the letters.  Write the above letters on separate pieces of paper help your child to put the letters together to read some simple 2 or 3 letter words



Autumn Dance - click on the links below, listen very carefully and follow the dance movements.