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Friday 12th June 2020

Good morning!


You should now have completed your letter to Greenpeace. Well done!


Today I would like you to design a poster inviting people to come and see the creature that's living in your pond. You can either do it in your book or on a plain piece of paper.


Your poster needs to include:


  • a picture of the creature in your pond
  • a title saying... Come see the ................ living in my pond!
  • how much it will cost to come and see the creature (eg, £1 entry to see the Whale, £2 if you want to feed it!)
  • add colour! Use felts, pencils, paints. Whatever you want to use. 
  • try finding the sign for Greenpeace and add that


Add anything else you think will make your poster interesting! 


Have fun!