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Friday 12th February

Teams Lesson today

Thompson Park only 10am- please bring teddy.


laugh We look forward to welcoming back Reception on Monday 22nd February!! We are so excited to see you laugh



yes  A massive thank you for all of your hard work - both children and parents! You've tried your very best for a whole half term and we couldn't be more proud of the work that has come in!  yes

Have a go at a few creative activities today and then make sure to have a lovely half term holiday! 

  • On Sunday, it will be Valentines Day! heart  Why not make some cards to the people you love. You may be able to write inside all on your own! 


  • In half term, Christians will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday (sometimes known as Pancake Day! Yum!) Mrs Morgan makes yummy banana and blueberry pancakes, perhaps you could make your favourite! Don't forget to send us a photo of your pancakes!


Here are a few more ideas to prepare and celebrate these two occasions. What will you choose?

  • Have a go at the Sports Day activities here
  • Reflect on how you have done this half term! What have you enjoyed doing? What have you done well?
  • Help with a few jobs around the house today and over the half term holidays!